Wednesday, March 05, 2008

ARCA Sim Racing

Sim Factory LLC finished and shipped "ARCA Sim Racing 2008" on the first of March. My copy is inbound sometime in the next few days so I think I'll be going into hiding for a undisclosed period of time as I blast around some of the coolest tracks in the country. The racing sim looks to be one of the best made to date. Considering EA Sports has the noose around the Na$car rights this was a great idea for the makers, can't run the Na$car name, go with another series that wants some coverage and attention. The game looks to be very modable and I'm sure COT paint schemes and cars from Na$car won't be far behind. I'd bet guys are all ready planning mods for the sim.

Glad I'm my own boss, kind of, figure a long lunch hour the day this comes in. Here is a link to some beta testing done with some of Na$car's own drivers.


At 7:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, off topic question. Are you still on schedule for your May Edsel debut. What did you do with the dataplate during renovation; leaving in place and work around or remove it and replace it at the end? What kind of challenges did either option present?

I would love to hear about your "other" projects; esspecially the Met. Thanks. Greg "Misawa77"


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