Thursday, February 28, 2008

R.I.P Boyd

He drove me nuts on his show, bitching, moaning and pushing his guys but damn the guy knew what a cool car was, how it should be built and what people liked when it came to the world of Hot Rods. Not many people can get to the point of becoming a important part of the automotive world and car culture but I think Boyd will be remembered as one.

R.I.P Boyd Coddington

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

April Fool's AMC

Looks like Hot Rod Magazine tried to get a early April Fool's joke in with their announcement that AMC (American Motors Company) was coming back and starting up a new plant in Kenosha, the home of AMC for years.

Anyway, nice try Hot Rod but I'm sure some people bit hard on it. Just reading the forums I see you have some in a uproar. :)

The AMC forums where going crazy over it also.

Monday, February 25, 2008

E85 me

This spring I am going to start a "experiment" on my 69 Camaro. I'm going to run E85 in it. Why would I do something crazy like that you say? I've been doing a little digging and reading about E85 and its use in performance. I kind of got interested in trying this after buying the Impala. I want to try some tanks in that to see the mileage and performance difference, if any, occurs. I'm fully aware I should see a drop in mileage with the Impala and the Camaro but frankly I'm not concerned. What I'm looking at is the cost per mile. I've talked to customers at the shop and they usually mention it comes out to be a wash when it comes to cost per mile on E85 compared to regular unleaded.

I won't be the first to try it and I'm sure I won't be the last. To this point I've gathered I'll have to adjust the ignition and fuel trims to match what is needed. Seems a little more advance and a little more fuel needs to be added to make E85 happy. This won't be a problem since I am running a programmable MPFI and DIS setup on the Camaro. Since E85 is well above 93 octane I should be able to stop adding octane boost to get the old boy to run happy. From most sources I've found it falls somewhere in the 100-105 range which will work well.

I'll be changing the fuel lines, fittings, pump, filter and fuel pressure regulator over so the E85 doesn't do any damage to them. The injectors I'll leave alone, they can handle the change of fuel. I'll be putting a new tank on also, not because of the E85 but because there is a slight leak on the very top.

Nicest part is my cost per mile should drop considerably. Right now running 93 octane then dumping octane boost on top of the tank is putting me up around the $5 dollar a gallon mark. With E85 I'll be around the $2.50-75 mark. Hella' big difference. If all goes well with the Camaro I may give it a try on my 60' Apache.

Now if I can just warm things up around here to get rid of this damn snow......

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New ride in the household

Due to circumstances beyond my control the 95 Blazer was retired this past week and now the wife has a new ride in the garage.

Our 2006 Chevy Impala LT 3.5L with Flex Fuel.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Edsel Windshield

Dad, Pete and I worked last Friday, Feb 1st, and got the windshield in place. It went much smoother then the rear and wasn't as messy in the end. Slowly but surely Dad is nearing completion.

We are still aiming for a May unveiling and tour. Wish us luck.