Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Times they are a changing

How the automotive world has changed since the Edsel was made and the Prius was introduced. I thought it neat to have the two parked looking each other down like a Old Republican and a young Democrat ready to square off, start arguing, and solve nothing.

Some people may look at the picture above and figure Dad and I both died. Died and someone else must have taken the picture. Sure, Dad isn't going to go near a hybrid, doesn't want to worry about them or even deal with them and with him being 64 years old I can respect that. He put his time in and if he doesn't want to deal with the future technology no problem, it will fall on my shoulders.

People have heard me spout, bitch and complain about the "Green Zombies"(a term autoextremist.com gets credit for) and those that believe everything out of the Goreacles mouth is godly but threw all that spouting, bitching and complaining I've never said I hate hybrids and alternative fuel sourced vehicles.

I just hate that the automobile is politicized.

I love everything automotive. It's just in my blood and isn't going away. I also love the internal combustion engine, especially when it is blasting around a race track. I love my SUV's. They are functional for my family and my lifestyle. Now, in the eyes of many, mainly those who think the Goreacle is right about everything being man's fault, I am the enemy. What side am I on? I am the big evil Republican out to kill kittens and maim the world with my gas guzzling SUV I guess. Well, so be it then.

I can get the evil eye from some dude driving a little eco-box but I won't give a evil eye back. I may laugh at his angered expression and think he is constipated then wonder why he is driving that little box on wheels, but I won't think him evil for driving it. His expression and anger may just be that he is pissed my Camaro exhaust is loud as hell. Hey, loud pipes save lives :)

I really don't care what kind of car people drive. If your choosing a Hybrid that is fine with me. I am willing and able to service them. I think the technology is very interesting and has great potential but I also think we are in the infant stages of Hybrid use. Until a proper infrastructure is in place to service, fuel, and use them to their potential we will not see them take over the world and send the big bad gas engine to the wayside. I'm not just talking about the Prius above, I'm talking Hybrids across the board. Solar, Electric, Hydrogen, Bio-Diesel, Ethanol, all or any that people can think of.

But if your choosing that Hybrid because you want to make a political statement, or because you think man is at fault for global warming, or so you can thumb your nose at the SUV world and say your saving us from the big bad oil monster then your not a car guy, not a automotive enthusiast. Your just mad at the rest of us for not being in the same mindset as you. You remind me of myself when I was younger. I thought everything GM was perfect(I'm still a Chevy guy at heart), that all other brands where nothing compared to them. I'd argue with friends. The old "Ford vs. Chevy" battles and never get anywhere with it. Then I grew up. Looked at cars just like people look at their spouses or girlfriends. They choose what makes them happy, I hope. Some bounce around, some stay loyal(to a fault at times) and some have a couple different ones and even one on the side for weekend fun. Whatever their choice they did it to make themselves happy.

Now, if your buying a Hybrid because you like them, want to get great mileage, it fits your style of driving and you think they are a cool or interesting car then your getting it for the right reasons. I hope your also educating yourself on how they are different, how service should be approached and how maintenance can be. I also hope your having fun.

If your ever out and about and see my toys parked at a bar. Feel free to pull up next to me in your Hybrid, come on over and we will shoot the shit about how we love our cars and how much fun they are to drive. Cause that is what it is about, the choice to drive what makes you happy.


At 4:59 PM, Anonymous Steve said...

Great post BJ. Glad to see all the work in the shop and I like keeping up on what is new in your world via this.




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