Friday, January 25, 2008

Huh? or Der?

This weekend classic car owners, owning automobiles and trucks from 1930-1935 are being asked to bring them to downtown Madison if they'd like them to be used in a upcoming movie.

Bring them on down to be looked at

My first thought was, "cool, Wisconsin cars in a movie." Then I read further into the story. and went "Huh, what freaking idiot thought it was a good idea to have classic cars come out in this weather to be photographed?" Even if you trailer them, where the hell are you going to park all those trailers considering the location your asking the owners to come to?

Owners are asked to bring their vehicles to West Mifflin Street between the Overture Center and the central branch of the Madison Public Library between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Few rambling thoughts this afternoon. First, the people that own these cars appreciate them on a level I doubt the movie producers understand. Second, unless the owners are attention hounds I can't see many people driving their classic car during our wonderful weather we are having here right now. Even if it does warm up the roads are going to be slushed to hell and I doubt the owners want to see salt and grime on a car they spent so much money purchasing, or restoring. Third, why not just ask owners to fax, email, or come down with pictures of their pride and joy. I guarantee if they have a car that old, they have quality pictures to show off. And lastly, why not wait a few months so it's warm out and they are on the road.

Oh, Oh, wait, this is lastly.

A good majority of vehicles that old licensed in Wisconsin have either Antique (which doesn't need a special permit), Collector, Special Collector or Hobbyist plates on them. I'm pretty sure during the month of January you need a special permit to operate on public roads, and you need to apply for the permit. So, I'm sure there is still enough time to get that permit, right? I mean the DMV moves at lighting speed, right?

Yup, you do.

Hey, maybe I am wrong, maybe owners will come out in mass numbers to get their car in a movie. If I am wrong, that's cool, cause Wisconsin could use the money, the owners could use the money. Heck, I'd probably let my toys in a movie if I had some idea they weren't going to be fubared, weren't going to be mistreated and I'd get paid good. But I dang sure wouldn't drive any of them downtown Madison in the middle of winter just to have a picture of them taken when I could take a picture to them.


The paper on Monday had a nice story written up about those that showed. About three dozen owners showed up with pictures of their classic cars that where era correct. Two people actually showed with vehicles, I don't know if they trailered or drove them.

Anyway, it's nice to see that Wisconsin classic and antique owners braved the weather and used their heads at the same time. Showing up to help get the movie to be here, but bringing good quality photos instead of punishing their cars in the middle of January.


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