Friday, January 18, 2008

Issues and issues

The good news. The engine is back, $670 dollars later it's assembled and ready for the rest of the engine components, which aren't on hand yet.

The bad news. Little issue with the World Product heads. One of the dampers in the spring was missing. So a new one is coming from them hopefully next week.

The IRS, there was a "miscommunication" with the proper carrier and ring/pinion set that was suppose to be ordered, so here sits a 31 spline solid axle carrier when we needed a 28 spline. I think something can be done to rectify the situation. May take some money, but anything can be done with the right amount.

We will see how next week shakes out. In the mean time Dan is painting panels and cleaning parts. He is also on me to find some more items he wants. Hopefully the next round of parts ordered goes better.

Is it beer o'clock yet?


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