Friday, January 25, 2008

Headliner progress

Progress on the Headliner. Dad spent the better part of Wednesday and Thursday putting it in. He still has a ways to go on it also. Patience is the key to installing one properly. Follow the instructions also. It took me a few hours of explaining "don't cut that headliner before it's in" "don't ass-u-me you can trim it before it's in" before Dad put the scissors down and listened. The old Edsel manual explains to put it in from the back to the front, which I helped dad do but after that there are no more details. My personal experience from doing a few Camaro headliners is to then start at the center and work your way out to tighten the headliner up. Once it starts looking good you should expect it to shrink up on it's own once some nice warm summer son cooks the roof. We heated the roof up pretty good with the Radiant heat over the last few days and you can tell it's tightening up very well.


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