Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Edsel rear window

Monday Dad got motivated and installed the rear glass on the Edsel. I got in on the install and so did a friend, Pete, who jumped in and asked "Is there anything I can say that will help?".

Of course there is, now shut up and grab a end before we drop the glass and have a really bad day.

It slid in perfectly. Dad used a old trick from way back when dinosaurs roamed the planet. He wrapped a string around the rubber on the outside of the window. Then as we placed the glass in and set it in place he yanked the string out, allowing the inside section of rubber to lock into place. I had never seen it done before so at first I thought he was crazy, which is normal, then after it was done I told him I'll keep him around a little longer if he keeps those kinds of tricks coming.

I've been working for dad coming on 17 years this summer and he still amazes me with old tricks and ideas that I had never seen before. I'd have to say I'm lucky to have him showing me the old tricks while I show him the new tricks.

Speaking of old. 34 years old today, yippy, but at least I can still act like a kid. My wife was nice enough to score me one of these for when I race online. Sweeeet :)


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