Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Cobra work

Dan was fired up over the Christmas break from MATC and managed some progress on the Mk III build. Troy was also home for the holidays and put in his fair share of time on the Cobra. Dan continued part hunting and purchasing. He has finally grasped my theory on project cars and costs. Figure out what your budget will be. Then once you start, times that budget by three.

Dan also did more work on the front end. He is putting the 10th anniversary Cobra calibers and brake set up on the car. The Dash work also started. He cleaned up the holes for the gauges and started his wiring and what not. He also went hells bells on the body. Sanding and grinding the fiberglass down and smoothing out the ridges where it is bonded during production. There where some happy moments and some grrr moments. He was happy with the quality of the fiberglass body. There where maybe one or two spots he broke threw and found a small air pocket from the molding process. He was happy with this. The grrr moment was where the body was molded together. He wished they would have clay it better but wasn't upset with the job they did. Just it could have been a smaller ridge to grind down. All the body work he did so far brought back memories of working at Regal Roadsters in Madison when he was younger.

Troy's work? He spent a good amount of time doing a thankless job. He sandblasted all the parts for Dan. This may not seem like a very big deal to people reading this but Troy has never spent time at the shop actually working. He normally just paces the shop floor and driving us insane because he won't sit still for five minutes. The sandblasting gobbled up a good two, three days worth of his time so for him to be that focused on the job at hand was nice to see. The day will come when he wants to build a project at the shop and his showing the focus and quality of work that he did on sandblasting makes both Dad and I eager to see him progress into doing his own project. It will be a big step to go from sandblasting to building a car but I know Troy will gladly ask and want our help and knowledge.


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