Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cobra and Edsel work

Seems the cold weather and heavy snow over the last few days motivated Dad and Dan. They've both put in a good amount of work on the Edsel and Cobra over the last few days. Dad has begun putting the headliner in the Edsel. He was going to lay it on my shoulders since I've done a few headliners over the years but when he realized that meant he had to work on customers cars, answer the phone, and greet people he suddenly decided he could handle it.

Dan has started applying body puddy on the Cobra lines where it was molded together. He also has been painting away and putting some parts in place. He almost has his entire package of parts bought and paid for. Most everything is brand new also and it looks like he should land just short of the 30K mark when he is finished. Not bad for a turn key car with about 90% new parts, if not more.

Me, I'm steering clear of the two of them. They are focused and set on their agendas so I'm only chiming in when they come to me for reference on something, or need something tracked down. I did manage to solve the missing Dampener in the Valve Spring from the World Products. A few phone calls and finally reaching someone who would send me a replacement put us back on the right track. If they need a extra hand I'm there but for now I'll get work done that actually pays us money. I'm sure once each of them come closer to the expected finish dates I'll be asked to jump in and get things squared away and caught up.


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