Thursday, December 20, 2007


I don't know if this can be called racing, but I love it. This site and racing organization was posted in the tech forum I am a member of

Ok, I'll call it racing. Just a very, very different kind of racing. If there is ever a race close enough I think I will be entering. 4-6 drivers can be a little hard to come by but I think I can manage it from some racers I know from MSCC. Add in my two brothers and we should have enough guys to push a car to the grid and hope it holds together. It also shouldn't be to hard to find a beater and get it road worthy enough to at least qualify. From the video there looks to be some decent cars being entered.

Racing in the LeMons.

I'll have to discuss this possible future race with my fellow teammates at Spot Dog Racing (our old AutoX team name) and also see if we can get support from RedHead Racing.


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