Thursday, December 27, 2007

Interior color choice

Kanter was nice enough to send us a dozen or so samples of interior color choices for the front and rear seats. We sorted and picked threw them. Threw the light color blues to the side, then took out any other blues that had other colors in them. Some had some small accents of red, light blue. After all the sorting we had 6 dark blues to choose from. Dad, Troy and I picked our color then we all asked each other what the other choose. Amazingly we all choose the same blue for the seats. We also all agreed to keep the seats vinyl since Beer is so dang hard to clean out of carpet. About 2 minutes later I got a phone call telling me Hell froze over since we all agreed on something without any arguing, bickering, or discussion. Hey, putting this many Ruland's in one room to decide the fate of anything can become a longer process then the U.N. arguing over how hard they should slap the hand of a dictator pissing off the world. I can admit, we are a bull headed bunch when it comes to things like this, we all defend our opinions to the end.

Picture of the blue? It's blue, ok. I'll have some up when we actually go to reupholster the seats. I'll also have some more pics when I steal my digital camera from home. My trusty old Kodak finally bit the big bullet and won't power up.

Update, pic above!


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