Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cam choice

We are at a point with Dan's MKIII build that we are looking at cam choices. One of the toughest things to do on a engine build. Get it right, and your ripping up the streets. Get it wrong and your a slow arse POS that doesn't make power where it should.

Many choices in Jegs, to many at this point to list but that is where we are at now. Dan has made some choices by RPM range and I'm plugging the numbers into Performance Trends Engine Analyzer program I have. Hopefully we find one that sticks out as the choice to make.

On another front. My brother Troy is coming home sooner then later now and will have to get something to drive. His choices, all though strange, are oddly fitting for him. From a 1975 Fiat, 66 Impala to a mid 80's Porsche. Always trying to be different. Which is cool.

On the Edsel front Dad has put a little time here and there in and has the fenders on, much of the outside trim and is starting to finalize the engine compartment. No pics, sorry, but I'll get some going soon.


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