Thursday, October 25, 2007

Two weeks of busy

The last two weeks we have been very busy at the shop. Nothing on the Edsel or Cobra has occurred. Because of that, I decided to take a afternoon of on Wednesday and head out to the farm and get some paintball in with my brother and his classmates from MATC. It was a relaxing day of shooting newbs and stalking people. Something about taking aim on unsuspecting persons and lighting them up with some .68 calms me. So, I decided to dig up some old pictures from years ago when we where playing on a almost weekly basis out at the farm and had a pair of Tanks roaming around laying waste and destruction to those brave/dumb enough to try and attack them. They lasted a good two seasons if memory serves me. We had some great games out there and everybody enjoyed it. I built both from donated vehicles, the 85 Ford Van being the better of the two. The 82 Citation didn't hold up to well in the mud, rocks and stumps on the farm. I can remember it's last day of battle. I was in the rear hatch laying waste to some enemy in the marsh. I called for the driver to pull forward and the numb skull decided that driving up and over a rock pile was a good idea. The rear axle ripped in two, and then the fuel tank punctured. It was all over but the screaming. The Ford Van was a pain in the arse to fight. Only a few people managed to take it out or kill it's crew through all the games played. My brother-in-law Chris took it down often, he had a knack for attacking in such a way no one could counter it. I think I also managed a grenade kill on the crew one time.

Maybe in the future, when Troy wanders back to Wisco, we can have more games out there. Just this time not get to out of hand...... Ya right.....



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