Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cobra motor

Late Wednesday a buddy of ours picked up and dropped off the engine we will use for the Cobra. I know it doesn't look like much and many people will wonder "what the hell" but if you can envision what it will become then you know what we have on the engine stand is a good base to start from. It's a 302 out of a 69 F-100. We wanted to find something older to start with and where lucky to grab this one. It was stored for years in a nice, dry location and when I inspected it I was happy it rolled over very well. Once it is torn down and sent off for machine work we will start collecting parts to turn it into a 347 cubic inch beast to power the Cobra down the road.

In the mean time, we are still on the hunt for a rear carrier for the independent rear suspention and other assorted parts. Dan has riveted some sheet metal to the front of the car and has made another order for some trick parts from FFR.


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