Thursday, September 13, 2007

Edsel update

Captain Motivated, aka "Dad", has decided he wanted to throw some Snow White on the roof of the Edsel to see how it will look. The pipes and lumber you see piled up on the floor are the beginning of his creation. A paint booth. Through all the projects we have done up here this will be the first time we have sprayed using a paint booth. Sounds crazy not to but threw the Met, 60, Bimmer, Race cars, Blazer, Honda cycle and lastly the Camaro we have had pretty good luck just doing a good job of cleaning the shop and prepping properly before throwing paint on. I guess the Edsel gets to have a booth though.

Anyways, I just thought I'd share that Captain Motivated is all fired up and back on the Edsel. I think this cool weather we are having has him rejuvenated and ready to get some work done. We will see how long it lasts once Pheasant season comes rolling around :)

I'll hopefully have some more pics of his adventure up in a few days....weeks....sometime anyway.


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