Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Christmas is early for Dan

Dan was a happy man yesterday. His FFR Cobra showed up around 11 am and we unloaded and unpacked everything for him. The shipping from FFR to our shop came to $1050 dollars which may seem like a lot but really is a reasonable price considering the cargo and how much it would cost to drive out and back with a trailer and truck big enough to all everything.

The first thing that needs to be done is a body buck to set the fiberglass body on needs to be built. Once that is complete then Dan can go through the few hundered page assembly manual and figure out what is next.

Hopefully in the next week we can go take a look at a engine and trans combo for the Cobra. I'm going to build a 347ci. Ford small block for Dan. Basically a 302 bored .040 over and a stroker crank to get the cubic inches.

On the Edsel Dad has started putting trim on and getting the doors reassembled. He worked all yesterday on it and made some headway but with all the looky-loos coming in to see the Edsel painted and the Cobra it was hard for anything to get done around the shop.


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