Thursday, August 16, 2007

Little of everything

Our work load at the shop has been very steady, to the point of busy, for the last few weeks so not much else is going on in life. Dad has taken some time to start wiring the Edsel engine bay. He has made some changes to a few things. Adding a electronic ignition system instead of the old points style. This will make things run smoother and have less chance of a break down due to points that have some rust, condensation or stuck due to the car not being driven daily.

We've also refurbished the gauge package that Uncle Everett added to the car. He has a oil pressure, temperature and amp meter setup that in the original location on the dash. I guess he didn't trust the original Edsel gauges or must have had problems with them. They look good in there we decided to keep them.

I decided just now that tonight I am getting out of here early and heading on a cruise back to Quaker Steak in Middleton. I've had a long day all ready and I called the wife and got her blessing for me to go out and get in trouble. I'm hoping it will be a busy night in there since the Goodguys Rod and Custom show is coming to the Alliant Energy center in Madison. I hope the weather holds out this weekend because I'd like to take the family in and see the show.

I also hope I remember to take my Camera with tonight and take some pictures of all the cars we see.

Til next time.


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