Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wednesday Cruise Night

Tonight is suppose to be our first "Cruise Night" from the shop. Every second Wednesday of the month through the summer we are going to all meet at the shop, pull a place out of the hat, and go for a cruise in the toys.

I'm not really sure if many people will show up. It's been word of mouth only and I have had a lot of people who say they are interested, tell me they will be there but we will wait and see.

Thankfully I know I won't be all by my lonesome. Our friend Jim has gotten motivated and pulled his 65 Mustang out of storage, he co-owns it with his son Tom, who is in college. He cleaned it up, set the air pressures, check the fluids and is in the mood for a drive. Pictured below is his Mustang. It's a nice car, clean lines and put together well.


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