Thursday, May 24, 2007

I like 55's.

Tuesday and part of Wednesday where enjoyable days at the shop. A customer and friend brought his 55' Chevy Bel Air up for some work. We went over the wiring which needed some finishing up and figuring out. Made sure the digital dash worked when it was powered up and the gauges read correctly. Added self-adjusting rear brakes. Went over the front suspension which was all new. Made sure the new stuff was torqued and right. Took the old mufflers off and added a set of Flowmaster 40 series. Which by the way made the 396 BBC in this car really sound nice. Also had some other odds and ends like fluid changes and check the tires to go over.

In the end everything worked out as planned and another car is on the road this summer to tear up Dane county.

On the Edsel front Dad is getting closer to another coat of primer on the car. I'll throw some pics up if it occurs. He also was like a kid in a candy store yesterday when his body trim clips came UPS. I couldn't get a bit of work out of him the rest of the day. He just keep circling the car mumbling "oh this is good, oh this is good." I think he managed about 50 laps around the car, at 19 some feet long and 6 or so feet wide.....that's about a half-mile of circling. Give or take since there where trips to the fridge in there also.


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