Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Primed Edsel

Over the holiday weekend Dad put some grey primer on the Edsel. It turned out great with just a few spots that we see will need some attention. The hood has a few dings we missed. The passenger side fender and rear right door also have some issues but overall we where pretty happy with how things turned out.

Now we await the Transmission, which is still not finished up yet. Seems a few internal parts that aren't easy to come by have issues. So we are on hold right now trying to make one transmission out of two.

My next project for the Edsel is to find a upholstery shop that can take care of the seats. To this point I haven't gotten lucky looking locally after going through a few contacts and also searching the net so I figure to start expanding my search. Wish me luck.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I like 55's.

Tuesday and part of Wednesday where enjoyable days at the shop. A customer and friend brought his 55' Chevy Bel Air up for some work. We went over the wiring which needed some finishing up and figuring out. Made sure the digital dash worked when it was powered up and the gauges read correctly. Added self-adjusting rear brakes. Went over the front suspension which was all new. Made sure the new stuff was torqued and right. Took the old mufflers off and added a set of Flowmaster 40 series. Which by the way made the 396 BBC in this car really sound nice. Also had some other odds and ends like fluid changes and check the tires to go over.

In the end everything worked out as planned and another car is on the road this summer to tear up Dane county.

On the Edsel front Dad is getting closer to another coat of primer on the car. I'll throw some pics up if it occurs. He also was like a kid in a candy store yesterday when his body trim clips came UPS. I couldn't get a bit of work out of him the rest of the day. He just keep circling the car mumbling "oh this is good, oh this is good." I think he managed about 50 laps around the car, at 19 some feet long and 6 or so feet wide.....that's about a half-mile of circling. Give or take since there where trips to the fridge in there also.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Transformers Trailer

They released the movie trailer for Transformers this week. I think I've watched it about 20 times all ready. All I can think is "coooooool"

Anyway, here is the link to a nice website that has it

Of course, on YouTube, another trailer. And one more for your enjoyment.

Old school Camaro's. New school Camaro. Mustangs as Decepticons. Optimus Prime as the 18 Wheeler. I feel like I am 12 again.

What is great, I can go buy all the toys again because my 5 year old will be bugging me for the "Robot dudes who kick ass" Yes, he'll say it like that, seems to pick up those swears from his uncles ;). What is great is both my brothers will be home on it's release. I think we will be making a day of it.

"A mystical bond between man and machine." Amen to that.

Friday, May 11, 2007


I won't call our Wednesday cruise night a failure but it was far from successful. I'm sure going on short notice and with no advertising hurt. The night ended up being just Jim and myself going for a cruise up to "Jack's Arboretum" in Sauk City. Then over to Roxbury to the "Dorf Haus" and finally back to Mazo for a final beer at "Rookies". It ended up being about 30-35 miles of true driving and then the rest BS'ing at the bars. The weather was perfect and I managed to get home just at dusk which was nice.

We figured maybe switching up to Thursdays because a few people mentioned they couldn't make Wednesdays. So next month we will try a Thursday cruise to "Quaker Steak & Lube" since I think that is there cruise night.

At least I got the Camaro out of the garage and blew the carbon out. I also managed to clean the tread once or twice. I think that poor Mustang even managed a smoker or two trying to keep up.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wednesday Cruise Night

Tonight is suppose to be our first "Cruise Night" from the shop. Every second Wednesday of the month through the summer we are going to all meet at the shop, pull a place out of the hat, and go for a cruise in the toys.

I'm not really sure if many people will show up. It's been word of mouth only and I have had a lot of people who say they are interested, tell me they will be there but we will wait and see.

Thankfully I know I won't be all by my lonesome. Our friend Jim has gotten motivated and pulled his 65 Mustang out of storage, he co-owns it with his son Tom, who is in college. He cleaned it up, set the air pressures, check the fluids and is in the mood for a drive. Pictured below is his Mustang. It's a nice car, clean lines and put together well.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

My rant on Honda Radio's

As a friend of mine who owns a repair facility mentioned this week. "The earth must be travelling threw a area of Space this week that causes everything to go wrong in the automotive world."

I had the pleasure of doing some basic maintenance on a 01' Honda Civic this week. Nice car, used purchase for a customers daughter who just turns 16. For two days the battery was disconnected and I couldn't have a auxiliary power to the PCM,BCM and radio memory because that would have made the system "live" and I needed no voltage present to perform the work.

The work itself went easy. Once finished up I connected the battery and went to reset the radio stations. I knew the radio would be in anti-theft since the battery was disconnected but that wasn't a problem because the code for the radio was located in the glove box on a sticker you could see when you opened the glove box and looked from the driver side.

So, plug the code in......Err1.

"Crap, must have hit the code wrong."

Plug the code in again, Err2. WTF??? I tell myself. Like a dumb ass I keeped trying the code and finally reached the limit of 10 and received my ErrE message meaning I'm screwed. So, I disconnected the battery and let the system power down after a minute or two. Hooked the cables back up and before turning on the radio I made sure to keep the "1" and "6" buttons on the radio held down. Powered up the radio and the serial number for the radio flashed for me. Cool, now I'll call Honda of America and get the info I need. After finally getting threw they wouldn't help me since the owner wasn't present and they weren't even listed as the current owner. Remember, they just bought the car a few days ago. I'm sure the paper work hasn't even gone threw the State yet.

Now what? I gave a call to Zimbrick of Madison and got Tony in Service. I explained what I had previously done, gave him the code I used and the radio serial number and in a few second he gave me a different code to try. That code unlocked the radio on the first try. I thanked Tony and told him I owed him one and then thought to myself. "This is a stupid anti-theft system". Battery replacement is a common maintenance item and I bet a lot of people do it themselves and get stuck with a locked radio and no code to find. Sure enough, a few Google searches and here is a blogger who ran into the same problem years ago.

Blogger with a locked Radio

Yup, I was right, this is a common problem and a stupid anti-theft system Honda made. I sure bet many Honda owners spent money unlocking a radio they owned. I'm sure many where pissed enough to go buy a aftermarket system and probably not go back to the dealer again. I see some found a service manager like Tony who helped them out. Still, what a silly ass system to put in.

One, I'm sure some new car salesmen who make the commish didn't show where the code was or even mention it.

Two, the owners most likely didn't even know they got a radio with anti-theft when the bought the car. It's not something commonly checked.

Three, used lots aren't going to be up on every anti-theft system, nor are repair shops. I'm just lucky I stumbled onto it in the past and remembered a few things.

Four, a thieve will just do what most people do, call the dealer and hope to get lucky and get the code from a guy like Tony who is just trying to help Honda owners.

Five, it's a Honda radio for christ sakes, not some fancy thousand dollar+ system that is commonly stolen. And if the radio is stolen, I'm sure the car went with it, or if the car is still there the dash looks like Swiss Cheese.

And Six, like me, I wonder how many owners have a code that doesn't work.

Ugh, today I'm the hydrant, not the dog I guess. Have a good one, I know I will now that my Honda owner has a radio again.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Our loot

Jefferson has come and gone and we did ok for six hours of walking around. Dad found some taillights, mirror, window crank handle, clips for the trim and some wiring pieces he wanted. I didn't find squat for the Camaro. Threw all the vendors there I never found the window felt, package tray or interior door handles to pull the doors shut. Really weird that you go to such a large swap meet with so many vendors who sell Camaro only parts and most of what they bring are hoods, doors, fenders and larger items. I did get a new glove box and a nice Camaro hat though.

We could have come home with a whole fleet of Chinese four wheelers. Just as I mentioned last post they where on every corner going from $400 to $800 bucks. I also could have gotten a ventriloquist doll. Now that was the weirdest thing I have ever seen for sale at a auto swap meet.