Friday, April 27, 2007

Spring Jefferson

Saturday has us traveling to Jefferson Wi for their spring automotive swap meet and car show. Last year we missed on the fall Jefferson there is some making up to do tomorrow.

Every year it seems to be getting better since what I thought was a low point in the mid-90's. In the past it seemed there was more items for sale that where not automotive related and as always a mannequin for sale on every corner. To this day I haven't figured that one out. It must be some kind of inside joke that only the sales people know about. Anyways, every year it seems more of the junk isn't there and items people want to see are coming back again. It might be because of the resurgences in car collecting that has occurred over the last few years. Oh, and it always seems there is a few dealers selling Chinese Go-Karts and Four Wheelers. I guess it is the hot ticket item to try and unload.

If you have no idea what the Jefferson swap meet is, here is a link for you to look through.

Jefferson Swap Meet