Friday, April 27, 2007

Spring Jefferson

Saturday has us traveling to Jefferson Wi for their spring automotive swap meet and car show. Last year we missed on the fall Jefferson there is some making up to do tomorrow.

Every year it seems to be getting better since what I thought was a low point in the mid-90's. In the past it seemed there was more items for sale that where not automotive related and as always a mannequin for sale on every corner. To this day I haven't figured that one out. It must be some kind of inside joke that only the sales people know about. Anyways, every year it seems more of the junk isn't there and items people want to see are coming back again. It might be because of the resurgences in car collecting that has occurred over the last few years. Oh, and it always seems there is a few dealers selling Chinese Go-Karts and Four Wheelers. I guess it is the hot ticket item to try and unload.

If you have no idea what the Jefferson swap meet is, here is a link for you to look through.

Jefferson Swap Meet

Monday, April 23, 2007


Not much to report on the Edsel front although we are now at the 1,000 hour mark for time put into the restoration.

All the hours spent are included, not only hands on labor but research, traveling for parts and phone calls.

It adds up fast. We hope to have it finished up around the 1,750 to 2,000 mark next year about this time. Wish us luck!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Some assembly required

This week we began putting the doors(which dad finally finished) and the fenders on the Edsel just to see how much body work we still have ahead of us. The doors need work still, not much but with them on the car we can tell what we missed and need to do over. The front fenders also need a lot of attention. Lower sections near the doors on both sides aren't even close. We will start doing body work on all of it again. Also tweak the panels into the correct spots and mark them if we have to take them off for more intensive work.

It's starting to look like a car again. We are still at odds with what we would like to to with the interior. Both of us have ideas but we aren't coming to a agreement. I would imagine Dad will win in the end since he is the lead man on the project. It won't bother me though, hopefully some of my ideas are used.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Edsel work

We had a few hours of free time today so we decided it was time to put the body back onto the chassis. Now some serious work begins. Hours of body work. Fitting parts. So much so that we know that this next year will be busy. Our intentions are to have the car on the road at or around this time next year. Wish us luck!

Oh, as you can see, that tire with the pencil in it finally went down. Wonder if I should get motivated to put a new stem in there? Nah, maybe every morning I'll just remind Dad his pencil leaked.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ah spring time

One of the wonderful parts of spring is the guarantee that a buddy thinks they can drive threw the Mazo Marsh. I'll leave the guilty unnamed at this time and just give a word of advice to everyone else visiting my house, my families farm or the Mazo Farms in the spring when it's wet. Stay on the blacktop!!

Springtime+Beer+Mazo Marsh+Wet+Beer= Stuck as hell.

And yes, I've was stuck in that exact spot once. It's called the Red Brush and it is wet even during a drought.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Flame on

As expected. I pushed Monday to get the silver flame on the 60' because once I committed myself to getting the job done the phone started ringing and the schedule filled up. The silver turned out pretty good. There are a few spots that I am not really pleased with but it's my own fault for not taking more time to get it absolutely perfect. Dad reminded me I can always do it again and with each paint job I'll keep improving. That makes it two I've done. I think I'll bring the bimmer in sometime in the future and spray something over the silver on that. Maybe some old school vintage racing circles for autocross number to go on. Maybe some type of stripping. I don't know. What I do know is that I wish I would have cowboyed up and tried painting earlier in life. It was always something that scared me to try and just plain ruined me when I helped Dad. My chest would be all congested and I would be hacking up dust and paint for days after. Of course with age I've gotten smarter and picked up better ventilation equipment and breathing equipment. So now it's just a little paint high to go along with the watching paint dry drinking a Lite ritual we have after a paint job is completed. That ritual is a tail itself that may be told one day.

I also think I figured out the "start a project when we are slow and then we become busy" situation I always run into. It has to be because this place is a gossip center. Someone stops here and sees me working on a project and then they know I'm slow. Then that someone keeps traveling around town spreading the gossip and Willie's comes up and they talk about how slow we are this day/week. Then the gossip spreads and a few people must figure. "Hey, Willie's is slow, I'll call and get my vehicle in this week." This town is like that. Sneeze at the bar downtown and someone at church will say bless you.

I don't know, maybe it's just blind luck....

I've got another project brewing, no details yet because I have to see if it works out but it'll be another eye roller.

Monday, April 02, 2007


Last week we had a gap in the schedule and since we are still waiting parts for the Edsel (torque converter) and the Met (wheel cylinder) I decided to had to the mess up here by respraying the silver flame on my 60' Apache.

Back a few years ago I had it stored in a building with a concrete roof. This was when I lived on the farm and had no garage space. It sat there pretty much unattended threw the winter and the spring thaw. Only problem was the roof dripped right on the front passenger section of the hood and the silver portion of the flame. Something from the concrete must have done a number on the silver. That, or it might be the fact that I choose a silver color from the early 90's. Remember the GM silvers from about the mid 80's threw the mid 90's? Remember how you'd see them flaking off after only a few years in the sun? I guess a combo of the wonderful paint choice on my part and a little extra help from the roof speed the process along.

So this past week I was sanding, priming, sanding and priming some more to get it back up to par. There are a few spots I am repairing at the same time that needed a little TLC. The rest of the truck paint is in pretty good shape still so I'll let it slide for now. Hopefully by the end of this week I'll have some fresh silver on it and running it up the road.