Friday, March 23, 2007

The Camaro Song

Nothing much on the Edsel front, the Met front, the 60' front, the Camaro front or any front.

Just the Camaro song

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Get to work damn it

Dad was like a kid on Christmas morning yesterday. A big box of parts from Mac's came UPS to my house over lunch. Once I brought them back and walked in with them he got a little hitch in his giddy-up and started working.

A majority of what came UPS was the door rubbers, felts, and small parts. Which was good because now dad has something to keep him busy as he watches the NCAA Basketball tourney and also the WIAA State Boys Basketball High School tourney on TV. I doubt he'll get much done tomorrow since Bucky plays at 1:30 pm or so. I see the schedule has nothing on it for the afternoon and he keeps grumbling to me to not schedule anything for Friday.

Dad spent all of Thursday on the drivers front door. That's him and my bud Dave working away on that door. Sorry the pic is so dark, I had the flash off so they wouldn't be bothered. They seemed focused on the task at hand and looked to be having so much fun. Dad "Tom Sawyered" Dave into helping out, which was pretty funny because I've never thought assembling and cleaning door parts as fun. He figured putting each door back together will take one day per door. If he is going to have the TV in front of him I figure two days per door.

Oh well, he is leaving me alone to do whatever. Which is nice because I have been screwing around with the Met in my free time. First item is the clutch master cylinder/slave cylinder is by-passing so I need to find one of those. Also the linkage in the column is looser then some of my ex's so that will need some work. The Met also has a leaky brake wheel cylinder in the left front hub. Cool system, I forgot they have two wheel cylinders per wheel on the Met. Now I just need to track one down, or maybe find a rebuild kit. It's been a looooong time since I rebuilt a wheel cylinder, that will be interesting.

It's Beer O'clock, til next time.

Friday, March 09, 2007


Haha, I win. After a week of bugging the old man he relented and said I could get the Met uncovered and rolling for this summer. With Edsel parts now a few weeks out minimum this will keep us both occupied until the spring busy time starts. Now I just need to beat this illness I'm fighting. Being sick sucks.