Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What should we do

To get dad motivated to uncover and do some repair and painting on the Met. Here it languishes under a dirty, greasy car cover awaiting the day it is put back on the road. Dad hasn't driven the car in a few years. He lost his motivation for it about two years ago when the hood flew up on him and was bent to shit. Now, the hood has been beat, bashed, bent and shaped back into it's previous shape but after he got that far we both became side-tracked. With me finishing the Camaro and then the Edsel rolling in. It needs brakes all around, some clutch work and then just general maintenance. Not much huh?

I just can't stand looking at the poor little thing collect dust in the corner. I've poked and pleaded with dad to get it on the hoist and work on it but he keeps coming up with a new excuse. I was going to work on it last week when he went to Vegas but I had a business conference/beer to drink at the Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells. It would be a perfect time right now, dad doesn't have a big work load and the Edsel is paused because of the very large parts order that hasn't arrived.

If anything we should get it on the road this summer. Dad won't have the Edsel done yet and we will need the space for Dan's Cobra build. I need some fresh ideas on how to convince him to work on it or let me.

Maybe threaten him Troy gets it if he doesn't do anything with it?


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