Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Camaro convertible at the Chicago Auto Show

On Monday I had a chance to go to the Chicago Auto Show to take a look at the upcoming crop of new rides to be shoved onto lots come this summer and next fall. The real reason I wanted to go was to get a chance to see the Camaro with my own eyes. Sure I've read enough, posted about it and googled the hell out of the upcoming Camaro but something never felt right about it until I got the chance to actually see it in person.

The pictures don't do justice. I am as terrible with a camera as I am with writing. The upcoming Camaro is absolutely gorgeous. The instant I saw it I knew someday I will own one. I doubt I'll be the lucky guy who is first on the block but I damn well won't be the last. The lines are just perfect. There is so much taken from the first gen Camaro and tweaked into this upcoming model that I couldn't pick them all out. It seemed every time I passed it I noticed something else I loved about it. As my friend Mike who went with was joking. "How many times did they ask you to put your pants back on?" and "I've never seen four security guards needed to keep one little grease monkey away from a car".

The particular convertible pictured is in the obvious Hugger Orange and had Gun Metal Grey racing stripes. There wasn't much for pricing, options, or color choices but who the hell cares. The Camaro is back.

Just as the brochure stated. "You've still got time to build a bigger garage."


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