Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Meeting of the minds?

If you know Willie's then this is nothing new to you. If you don't know Willie's then here you go. On any given morning as the work day begins you may find a group of locals hanging around solving the worlds problems, praising their loving wives, complimenting their bosses/employees and drinking whichever beverage suits the time of day. And if you believe anything I mentioned about what's discussed I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn. Although the beverage part is spot-on.

Through all of this we do manage to work. If you'll notice Willie is still in motion. There is a Ford on the hoist (imagine that) and the usual group of people know that we have a business to run so they steer clear of us when we are doing our thing. Customers who stop in are known to join into the discussion and enjoy a atmosphere that is relaxed and open. We've found over the years many of our customers like the fact we allow them to do this. As my brother Troy has discussed in detail with us these folks would be considered "Community Opinion Makers".

So if you do swing by don't feel bashful about stopping in for some BS and a cold drink.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Little more progress

We finally had a little spare time on our hands this week and the motor mounts came in so we decided to see if the engine still fit on the chassis. Dad also wanted to place the spare trans we had on the back just so he could see what his red drive shaft looked like. I don't know why he wanted red, but I'm not arguing. It actually looks pretty cool.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Underhood pics

Just a quick pic of the underside of the hood. You can see in the background the firewall is also coming along.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Valve covers ready to go

With some free time on Thursday I finished up the valve covers for the Edsel. The colors aren't factory. They are as close as I could match. The white was a "Almond White" that I found at the hardware store. Everyone that works there thinks I am a little crazy so seeing me compare whites to a older E-400 cover I took with didn't surprise them. Then I grab some model paint for the lettering. After mixing some reds and oranges I came up with a kind of close color.

I think I should have a had a beer or ten before putting the lettering on. My hand seemed to be shaking so freaking bad. Few beers in me would have smoothed those shakes out right? At least it sounds like a good excuse to have a few.