Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Some days....

Some days your the Dog, some days the Hydrant. Work on the Edsel is at a stand still since we have been very busy the last few weeks with some big jobs.

One of which had me swearing all Monday it seemed. Mental note to whoever worked on this Expedition and left the Compression tester fitting in cylinder #2. "Thanks for leaving it in there and making me spend half a day getting it out since it was stuck in there tight as hell and the head broke off trying to loosen it.

Ugh, once I saw the mess I had I spent the morning trying a easy-out on the center section which didn't work. Then pulling most of the passenger side hoses and fuel lines off to get a socket used for extracting rounded off nuts and bolt heads out. The pic above is the socket, the broken fitting that was in the head, and the plug.

The surgery was a success, the truck lives for another day and I had reason enough to drink more than a few Miller Lites.


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