Friday, November 10, 2006

The week of...

Work on customer cars kept us busy this week so no real progress on the Edsel. Dad has pulled all the interior metal parts out of storage and is starting to prepare them for paint. I've been researching the colors threw many Edsel sources I've found and threw the Edsel Lovers Email Group in the group section of

Today Dad is going to go look threw some paint chip books our local supplier has and see if he can find the colors we are looking for. We've narrowed it down to only a few with the help of members on the email group.

Aside from that my brother Troy has agreed with Dad that the Yellow on the engine looks bad. So hopefully the two don't gang up and try and override me. I'll have to remember when brother Dan calls from the Gulf that he can voice his opinion on it. Maybe scare Troy to my side of the color war. Speaking of Dan. He is doing well and called this week. I also received a letter giving me orders to start looking for his project car when he returns. More on that one in the future.

Back to work.


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