Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Underneath work

With the body off the frame again we started on the underside of the Edsel. Doing some final welding on the replacement parts, seams, and areas that need attention. Then we will put a primer coat on the area and paint it the Powder Blue that will be on the car.

I've also gained ground on completing the engine. I hope to place it along with the transmission onto the frame next week and then start routing exhaust. Dad took a liking to the Magnaflow muffler I put on a customers car last week. He thought the sound was just right for the Edsel so I am planning on putting something similar on the Edsel when I am installing the exhaust. Even though ours came with a single exhaust from the factory I plan on installing true dual exhaust just for shits and giggles. Again, not destroying the car so it couldn't be put back to 100% original but giving it our own little touch. Throw some classic tips from the 50's on it and she will look goooood.


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