Thursday, November 16, 2006

Painting interior parts

The last few days we spent our spare time prepping some interior parts for paint. All of the metal trim parts and pieces that needed to be the darker blue where primed and readied. We also got the upper section of the dash ready for the same color.

Today, Thursday we had a few no-shows on the schedule and pushed a little harder then usual to get some time this afternoon to spray the parts. The above pics is the end result. It isn't the factory color that came with our Edsel but is sure is as close as they could match at the paint shop we get our supplies from. After a few hours of drying the color really is starting to stand out and I think Dad made a great choice in the blue. Edsel purists may cry foul but considering many of the parts on the car are not going back to a factory original look. I think a color we like on the dash that seems to go real well with the Powder Blue outside will make it look great.

Also this week we finally saw the arrival of the fuel and water pumps for the Edsel. I'll be getting motivated now on engine work and hopefully in a few weeks have that all finished up.


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