Tuesday, November 14, 2006

FFR Cobra

Coming next summer when Dan is honorably discharged from the USMC after his four years of active duty one of the first things he wants to do is build a hot rod. What he has decided to build is cool as hell, a Factory Five Cobra replica.

The plan of attack is just before he is discharged he will purchase the kit from FFR. At about 13K it may seem like your spending a lot of money but considering the Camaro shell from C.A.R.S is about the same price it is reasonable for the projects overall costs.

Also next spring I have to be on the hunt for a donor car. A 1987-2004 5.0L Mustang with a manual trans to be exact. Hopefully I can score a rust free donor car. If the motor is whipped or not is not a issue. Plans for a completely fresh motor are in the works.

We also hope that in the summer or early fall we both can attend FFR's build school. Spending a weekend completely assembling a Cobra so when we go to tackle Dans it won't be blind,unknowing, and half pissed up. It'll be just half pissed up.

So this means a real push on the Edsel will have to begin this winter. Hopefully having it at the 75% mark by the time Dan gets back. Meaning the body back on the frame and assembling the car. Time will tell. Maybe if we aren't that far I can convince Dad another 30 feet of shop space needs to be added on for all these toys we continue to accumulate. Got to keep Troy in mind for whatever he wants when he moves home. Be weird building Barbie's car for him ;)


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