Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Underneath work

With the body off the frame again we started on the underside of the Edsel. Doing some final welding on the replacement parts, seams, and areas that need attention. Then we will put a primer coat on the area and paint it the Powder Blue that will be on the car.

I've also gained ground on completing the engine. I hope to place it along with the transmission onto the frame next week and then start routing exhaust. Dad took a liking to the Magnaflow muffler I put on a customers car last week. He thought the sound was just right for the Edsel so I am planning on putting something similar on the Edsel when I am installing the exhaust. Even though ours came with a single exhaust from the factory I plan on installing true dual exhaust just for shits and giggles. Again, not destroying the car so it couldn't be put back to 100% original but giving it our own little touch. Throw some classic tips from the 50's on it and she will look goooood.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Painting interior parts

The last few days we spent our spare time prepping some interior parts for paint. All of the metal trim parts and pieces that needed to be the darker blue where primed and readied. We also got the upper section of the dash ready for the same color.

Today, Thursday we had a few no-shows on the schedule and pushed a little harder then usual to get some time this afternoon to spray the parts. The above pics is the end result. It isn't the factory color that came with our Edsel but is sure is as close as they could match at the paint shop we get our supplies from. After a few hours of drying the color really is starting to stand out and I think Dad made a great choice in the blue. Edsel purists may cry foul but considering many of the parts on the car are not going back to a factory original look. I think a color we like on the dash that seems to go real well with the Powder Blue outside will make it look great.

Also this week we finally saw the arrival of the fuel and water pumps for the Edsel. I'll be getting motivated now on engine work and hopefully in a few weeks have that all finished up.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

FFR Cobra

Coming next summer when Dan is honorably discharged from the USMC after his four years of active duty one of the first things he wants to do is build a hot rod. What he has decided to build is cool as hell, a Factory Five Cobra replica.

The plan of attack is just before he is discharged he will purchase the kit from FFR. At about 13K it may seem like your spending a lot of money but considering the Camaro shell from C.A.R.S is about the same price it is reasonable for the projects overall costs.

Also next spring I have to be on the hunt for a donor car. A 1987-2004 5.0L Mustang with a manual trans to be exact. Hopefully I can score a rust free donor car. If the motor is whipped or not is not a issue. Plans for a completely fresh motor are in the works.

We also hope that in the summer or early fall we both can attend FFR's build school. Spending a weekend completely assembling a Cobra so when we go to tackle Dans it won't be blind,unknowing, and half pissed up. It'll be just half pissed up.

So this means a real push on the Edsel will have to begin this winter. Hopefully having it at the 75% mark by the time Dan gets back. Meaning the body back on the frame and assembling the car. Time will tell. Maybe if we aren't that far I can convince Dad another 30 feet of shop space needs to be added on for all these toys we continue to accumulate. Got to keep Troy in mind for whatever he wants when he moves home. Be weird building Barbie's car for him ;)

Friday, November 10, 2006

The week of...

Work on customer cars kept us busy this week so no real progress on the Edsel. Dad has pulled all the interior metal parts out of storage and is starting to prepare them for paint. I've been researching the colors threw many Edsel sources I've found and threw the Edsel Lovers Email Group in the group section of

Today Dad is going to go look threw some paint chip books our local supplier has and see if he can find the colors we are looking for. We've narrowed it down to only a few with the help of members on the email group.

Aside from that my brother Troy has agreed with Dad that the Yellow on the engine looks bad. So hopefully the two don't gang up and try and override me. I'll have to remember when brother Dan calls from the Gulf that he can voice his opinion on it. Maybe scare Troy to my side of the color war. Speaking of Dan. He is doing well and called this week. I also received a letter giving me orders to start looking for his project car when he returns. More on that one in the future.

Back to work.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Edsel Dash, Engine color..

The dash of the Edsel is apart now. Everything taken out and the dash itself sanded down. Just about every part will be reused. Nothing on the dash seemed to be damaged or inoperative so we will see what can be salvaged from it. Dad has the wiper switch and cable soaking to loosen it up a bit since it was very hard to move the cable back and forth.

Also the engine has a quick coat of VHT Yellow on it so we could sit back and decide if we like the color or not. The factory color for the Edsel was a yellow close to that. Dad hates it, I love it. So the battle begins to see who gets to keep the color or lose it.