Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The week of..

Well, since last post.

We finished up the passenger side A-arms and suspension pieces on the Edsel. Went together fantastic and the parts from Kanter where perfect. Great company to deal with, prompt, courteous, and the right stuff.

Shawn waded up the Honda at the Chicago Autobahn. He was coming out of turn one and the back end came loose on him. Skidded across the grass and meet a guardrail pretty hard.

Here is a link from a in car camera that was in a Miata that was behind him. If you watch close you can see the car come around and hit the wall. Then get to watch the Miata with the in car get t-boned. Ouch...

Brother Troy has come and gone. We did manage to demolish a good portion of beer while he was back so mission accomplished.

The weather is starting to turn nasty. It looks like the Indian summer is going to skip by and winter with all her freaking cold glory is coming in. So winterizing the toys will be in order this weekend. To bad. I had hoped to get one day to go for a final cruise. Maybe if we get a warm spell I'll go try to burn some rubber off.


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