Friday, October 20, 2006

Test Drive Unlimited aka "TDU"

So come the end of this month my wife is going to kill me. Why you ask? Test Drive Unlimited will be released for the PC, according to game sites that is. Atari has a different tune but we will see. It's already out on XBox 360 and is a hit. What is it you ask? To me it is eirily similar in idea to Motor City Online which only lasted a few years. TDU is a Massive Open Online Racing game that let's you cruise around the island of Oahu from the Hawaiin Island group, online, with thousands of players also driving around causing havoc. With a 1000 miles of realistic roads, buildings, and scenery, it looks to be a hell of a lot of fun.

Which is why my wife will kill me. I'll run into Best Buy and score the game. Load it up and forget the world exists. I have a habit of doing that when winter hits and I can't go racing or drive my own toys. So I get my speed fix playing racing games. wrote a nice preview months back if your still confused. When the game comes out I'll give everyone a update if I am still alive and not glued to the PC. Hmmmm, wonder if I'll need a sick day or two that week. Just kidding, still need to make a living to afford DSL ;)


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