Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My gaming fix

Since Test Drive unlimited decided to be postponed until whenever I decided to find something to hold me over threw the coming months.

GTR-2 will do just fine.

As racing sims go this has to be one of the most accurate I have ever played. It follows the FIA GT road racing seasons in Europe. Most people would expect me to go find a Nascar sim but I have done that in the past and although they are fun, they just don't keep me satisfied.

GTR-2 has done that so far. The online racing is excellent and very competitive and the single player game is just as tough as you want it to be.

Kind of fun to thrash a Ferrari 575 around the course. I jumped into the online racing the other night and was hooked. The community is as life is. Some bone heads who wreck people and some who race clean. I was lucky to find a group of serious racers who wanted to run clean and not deliberately dump you in a corner. Threw a few races I ran up front and had only a couple of incidents where I was at fault and a couple where someone else was at fault. For the most part though it was clean and fun.

I highly recommend this game if your PC can handle it.

Oh, some Edsel updates will come this week. We've gotten a little done and I just need to snap some pictures of the progress.


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