Monday, October 02, 2006

Edsel work, finally

It has been a few months since we knocked anything out on the Edsel. With the work load for dad pretty much non-existent right now we put the front end on jack stands and pulled the passenger side suspension off for refurbishing. Dad has just about all the parts on hand for it. Only a few items needed to be ordered from which had the lower balljoints and upper A-frame bushings.

Some parts that where easily attainable from local suppliers.

Shocks; Monroe, front #32127UMM. Rear, #34792. Keep in mind, these where shocks we measured and picked out, are they the actual part numbers for a Edsel? No, but considering our experience on automobiles and racing we are comfortable choosing shocks for a daily driver. If the suspension is affected in a bad way I will be sure to say we fubared the shock choice.

Upper Ball Joint, McQuay Norris #FA912

Master Cylinder, Carquest # E151210

Brake Hoses, front, Carquest #SP1358

Brake Shoes, Carquest #BS264R

Lower A-frame bushings, McQuay Norris #FB628

Drag links, Tie Rod ends and other associated items we will order later on, when the wallet looks better. For now we are just shooting to get the A-arms, springs, hubs and brakes up front squared away.

Springs, if your going to be doing a project like this and want to take the coil springs out of a car with upper and lower control arms similar to the Edsel, be careful. They are under a pretty good load and just unbolting everything could send a spring into the back of your skull, entering of course threw the front. Go out and buy the proper coil spring holders/compressor to take the tension off them before you tear anything apart. Stop by your local autoparts store or a local repair shop and ask them about what to buy and where.


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