Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My gaming fix

Since Test Drive unlimited decided to be postponed until whenever I decided to find something to hold me over threw the coming months.

GTR-2 will do just fine.

As racing sims go this has to be one of the most accurate I have ever played. It follows the FIA GT road racing seasons in Europe. Most people would expect me to go find a Nascar sim but I have done that in the past and although they are fun, they just don't keep me satisfied.

GTR-2 has done that so far. The online racing is excellent and very competitive and the single player game is just as tough as you want it to be.

Kind of fun to thrash a Ferrari 575 around the course. I jumped into the online racing the other night and was hooked. The community is as life is. Some bone heads who wreck people and some who race clean. I was lucky to find a group of serious racers who wanted to run clean and not deliberately dump you in a corner. Threw a few races I ran up front and had only a couple of incidents where I was at fault and a couple where someone else was at fault. For the most part though it was clean and fun.

I highly recommend this game if your PC can handle it.

Oh, some Edsel updates will come this week. We've gotten a little done and I just need to snap some pictures of the progress.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Schumacher to drive Nextel Cup races??

Rumor has it that Michael Schumacher signed a 10 miillllllion dollar deal to run both of Nascar's road course races in 2007. So far it's just a rumor, autoextremists.com had a small snippet about it this week and jayski.com also reported on the rumor. I can't imagine Schumi wanting to run in the Nextel Cup.

When JPM announced he was jumping series Schumacher took some shots at stock car racing saying...

"Personally I wouldn't do it...what do you do in NASCAR? What is exciting there? I can't see that, running around on ovals.

I don't know how heavy the cars are, but they are heavy, very low developed cars compared to Formula 1. I don't see the challenge."

To me, that sounds like he isn't interested. I guess we will all wait and see. It would be nice to watch Schumi lap the field at Infineon and Watkins Glen though.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Test Drive Unlimited aka "TDU"

So come the end of this month my wife is going to kill me. Why you ask? Test Drive Unlimited will be released for the PC, according to game sites that is. Atari has a different tune but we will see. It's already out on XBox 360 and is a hit. What is it you ask? To me it is eirily similar in idea to Motor City Online which only lasted a few years. TDU is a Massive Open Online Racing game that let's you cruise around the island of Oahu from the Hawaiin Island group, online, with thousands of players also driving around causing havoc. With a 1000 miles of realistic roads, buildings, and scenery, it looks to be a hell of a lot of fun.

Which is why my wife will kill me. I'll run into Best Buy and score the game. Load it up and forget the world exists. I have a habit of doing that when winter hits and I can't go racing or drive my own toys. So I get my speed fix playing racing games.

Gamespy.com wrote a nice preview months back if your still confused. When the game comes out I'll give everyone a update if I am still alive and not glued to the PC. Hmmmm, wonder if I'll need a sick day or two that week. Just kidding, still need to make a living to afford DSL ;)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The week of..

Well, since last post.

We finished up the passenger side A-arms and suspension pieces on the Edsel. Went together fantastic and the parts from Kanter where perfect. Great company to deal with, prompt, courteous, and the right stuff.

Shawn waded up the Honda at the Chicago Autobahn. He was coming out of turn one and the back end came loose on him. Skidded across the grass and meet a guardrail pretty hard.

Here is a link from a in car camera that was in a Miata that was behind him. If you watch close you can see the car come around and hit the wall. Then get to watch the Miata with the in car get t-boned. Ouch...

Brother Troy has come and gone. We did manage to demolish a good portion of beer while he was back so mission accomplished.

The weather is starting to turn nasty. It looks like the Indian summer is going to skip by and winter with all her freaking cold glory is coming in. So winterizing the toys will be in order this weekend. To bad. I had hoped to get one day to go for a final cruise. Maybe if we get a warm spell I'll go try to burn some rubber off.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Edsel work, finally

It has been a few months since we knocked anything out on the Edsel. With the work load for dad pretty much non-existent right now we put the front end on jack stands and pulled the passenger side suspension off for refurbishing. Dad has just about all the parts on hand for it. Only a few items needed to be ordered from www.Kanter.com which had the lower balljoints and upper A-frame bushings.

Some parts that where easily attainable from local suppliers.

Shocks; Monroe, front #32127UMM. Rear, #34792. Keep in mind, these where shocks we measured and picked out, are they the actual part numbers for a Edsel? No, but considering our experience on automobiles and racing we are comfortable choosing shocks for a daily driver. If the suspension is affected in a bad way I will be sure to say we fubared the shock choice.

Upper Ball Joint, McQuay Norris #FA912

Master Cylinder, Carquest # E151210

Brake Hoses, front, Carquest #SP1358

Brake Shoes, Carquest #BS264R

Lower A-frame bushings, McQuay Norris #FB628

Drag links, Tie Rod ends and other associated items we will order later on, when the wallet looks better. For now we are just shooting to get the A-arms, springs, hubs and brakes up front squared away.

Springs, if your going to be doing a project like this and want to take the coil springs out of a car with upper and lower control arms similar to the Edsel, be careful. They are under a pretty good load and just unbolting everything could send a spring into the back of your skull, entering of course threw the front. Go out and buy the proper coil spring holders/compressor to take the tension off them before you tear anything apart. Stop by your local autoparts store or a local repair shop and ask them about what to buy and where.