Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Really bad update

It has been a slow news week for about everything in my life, with the Edsel, and with work.

Just a rundown of what has been happening:

We missed Jefferson, rain and too much beer Friday night deemed it a no-go. We'll wait for Spring.

Remember this Firebird? It's sold, he scored what he was hoping for. Someone in Illinois is fast now.

Brother Dan is off to Iraq to wup some arse. Brother Troy is coming home for a few days in October to help wup a Twelver or ten.

The wife said if we win the lottery I can have a new Camaro, Mobil station, here I come!

Speaking of Camaro. The Transformers movie comes out 7-7-07 and the 09' Camaro will be in it as Bumblebee.

Troy said for my 50th birthday we need to do this. Hell, I told him 40 and he was all for it. Now just to convince the wife that dropping 14K to beat the heck out of a car across country is money well spent....

And just for the fun of it. I need to make fun of this item. If you own one, throw it out before your friends rip you a new one. Really, no magic fuel saver or power maker is going to come from a tailpipe add on that makes your ride look like it came out of the cheap bin at Wal-Mart.

I'm going to go blow the dust of the Edsel and get working on it.


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