Thursday, September 07, 2006

FJ Cruiser

Last night I had the chance to test drive and look over Toyota's FJ Cruiser. A friend traded in for a 2007 model and stopped by the shop to show it off. I took it up the road and threw it on the hoist to see what Toyota had done with this reincarnation of the old 60's Crusier.

On the highway it had a real stable feel. Great acceleration in it's 4.0L engine and 6spd manual transmission. This is the same motor that Toyota has had in the 4Runner and Highlander for awhile so no worries with it's design and layout. The six speed was fun to run threw. Felt a little weird grabbing that extra gear at highway speeds. Pulling up a long hill nearby the Cruiser had no problem holding 2,000 rpm's in 5th gear and didn't even feel like it was being strained.

On the hoist it looked like a typical Toyota underneath. Nothing fancy or out of the ordinary could be noticed. Everything looked pretty much easy to medium in terms of working on it. The brakes and front suspension where placed nicely and look to be no worries when maintenance comes around. In the engine bay they left tons of room to work and also if someone wants add ons put on there is plenty of space.

The interior was nice. Rubber floor to handle the mud and crud for off-roading and the dash layout was really nice. No fancy gimmicks hanging in the way and everything was within reach for my little arms when I needed to turn something on or off. I was surprised that even with the smaller windshield I could see fantastic driving down the road. It felt like I was looking threw a wide angle lense and didn't need to turn my head much to see out the side windows.

Outside I liked the retro look and thought the body lines where done nicely. Options like the top rack and bigger wheels weren't on this model but even without them it looked pretty cool. You definitely can roll in with this thing and look bad ass.

Overall a pretty decent SUV. This coming from a guy who bleeds Bowtie Chevy and wouldn't drive anything else. If your looking for a new rig and you like Toyota I would go check it out.


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