Monday, September 18, 2006

Fall Jefferson

This weekend the Jefferson Swap Meet put on by Madison Classics is at the Jefferson County fair grounds. In the spring we scored a few items. Nothing major but now we have a better idea of some items we need. So, another Saturday up at the ass-crack of dawn and a couple hour drive to spend the day walking around sifting threw junk hoping to find that one small item you can steal away for a couple bucks.

Just some things we are looking for on the Edsel. Hood ornament(real,aftermarket) weather stripping, trim clips, hub caps, possibly a interior. We are thinking of going custom on the interior. Possibly doing something from a Lincoln from the 90's. Leather, power seats. Who knows.

Only other items we hope to score would be a rear valance/pad for the Camaro. Outside chrome trim for the two doors and some proper bumper bolts. On the 320i I hope to find a carb intake from the late 60's mid 70's so I can toss the mechanical fuel injection as far as my puny arms can throw it. That system is so hit or miss that I would rather just throw a carb on and have it reliable.


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