Monday, August 28, 2006

Memory like a Elephant

Last week was a busy one. Our work load has been very steady so I have less time to surf and find things I want to babble about.

Funny story from last week. Dad asked me Tuesday where the title for the Edsel was. He wanted to make sure we had it so he wouldn't have to go threw the hassle of having another issued. I told him I was sure I got it from Grandma back when we dragged the Edsel out and gave it to him. We tore his desk apart, cleaned it up(need that bad) and organized it but never found it. I tore my office up, cleaned it, and never found it. Then the "who had it last" argument ensued for the rest of the week.

Now come Monday morning. Dad walks up after I get back from lunch and tells me to remember, really try and remember what I did with the title when I got it. I thought for awhile then walked into the back room and the old Motor magazine from 1957 that Uncle Everret had was laying under the seat. Sure enough, the title was in it.

At 62 he still has his memory. He told me he remembered that I brought it in when the Edsel was still in pre-tear down and said we need to place it where we won't forget it. I placed it in the magazine and put the magazine on my rack. How he remembers these things is beyond me.

Some days I think I would lose my head if it wasn't attached.


At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Troy said...

hahaha, the old man got one up on you. feels good doesn't it.


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