Thursday, August 10, 2006

Automaker's BS

Just a thought I wanted to pass along. I was working and had the T.V. on in the background. There was a Hyundia commercial going on and they where talking about a "new" model. I think it was the Tucson, not 100% sure but like I said. I was working so I wasn't really paying close attention until I heard.

"Multi-Activity Vehicle" mentioned. So I looked it up, and it was the Tucson

Ok, I'm finally calling Bullshit on this one, these terms are thrown in for nothing more than marketing. The automakers are so full of it. The only reason a SUV will be called a MAV is because SUV's are evil gas guzzlers now. Years back the SUV became the cool term to use, everyone jumped on the bandwagon and rode it like a two-dollar whore on a Friday night. MAV is for the midsize models, well why wasn't the Explorer and Blazer back in the 90's using that term? Because it wouldn't have sold models. SUV was the marketers darling. Now that gas has jumped to higher then a gallon of milk ($3.18 for gas, $3.09 for milk) The SUV term will die a quick death because people who are to ignorant to see the exact same model with a new description will think they are getting the new improved gas saving model. When it is just the same turd with a new name. I'm wondering when the Suburban and Excursion will carry a new description?

I'll happily keep both my "SUV's" and not rename them "MAV's". I also will not bitch when I fill them up. Gas by the gallon is still cheaper than Beer by the gallon.


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