Thursday, August 31, 2006

Quick Screw Oil Changes

Thank you Jiffy-Lube. Thanks for screwing customers, cheating them and being to damn lazy to do the work. Thanks for sending more people to good independent shops they can trust.

Undercover Jiffy-Lube

That's why I allow customers into the shop area to watch if they want too. Also why I have the old parts that where replaced there to show them when I am done.

It's to bad they refer to these places as "repair shops" and the people working there as "mechanics" which when you look hard at them they are neither.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Memory like a Elephant

Last week was a busy one. Our work load has been very steady so I have less time to surf and find things I want to babble about.

Funny story from last week. Dad asked me Tuesday where the title for the Edsel was. He wanted to make sure we had it so he wouldn't have to go threw the hassle of having another issued. I told him I was sure I got it from Grandma back when we dragged the Edsel out and gave it to him. We tore his desk apart, cleaned it up(need that bad) and organized it but never found it. I tore my office up, cleaned it, and never found it. Then the "who had it last" argument ensued for the rest of the week.

Now come Monday morning. Dad walks up after I get back from lunch and tells me to remember, really try and remember what I did with the title when I got it. I thought for awhile then walked into the back room and the old Motor magazine from 1957 that Uncle Everret had was laying under the seat. Sure enough, the title was in it.

At 62 he still has his memory. He told me he remembered that I brought it in when the Edsel was still in pre-tear down and said we need to place it where we won't forget it. I placed it in the magazine and put the magazine on my rack. How he remembers these things is beyond me.

Some days I think I would lose my head if it wasn't attached.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Midwestern fun

After a very busy work week it was nice to relax this weekend and spend Saturday night with my people. Rednecks at a tractor pull. I don't mean that in a derogatory way either. Greatest part is you won't see a dress shirt with tie in the crowd. I think it's almost mandatory that the majority of people wear a cut off T-shirt and have a cold Miller Lite in their hand.

We had "reserved seats" waiting for us. It was just my wifes brother keeping all the beer stacked on the row below him so no one took the seats before we got there. It was nice of him to have a cold supply on hand for me.

The kids loved it. My oldest was just having a ball. He is in the picture above watching a 1960 Chevy Apache blast down the track. I had to root for that truck since I own a 60 Apache. Very cool stuff. My youngest was amazed at the noise and smoke. For a 18 month old we where worried he would be scared or wouldn't last long but he hung in their like the true Redneck he will become. My oldest actually tired out first after running all over, climbing on all the tractors on display and eating everything put in front of him.

Good times.

More on the series. Badger State Tractor Pullers

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Automaker's BS

Just a thought I wanted to pass along. I was working and had the T.V. on in the background. There was a Hyundia commercial going on and they where talking about a "new" model. I think it was the Tucson, not 100% sure but like I said. I was working so I wasn't really paying close attention until I heard.

"Multi-Activity Vehicle" mentioned. So I looked it up, and it was the Tucson

Ok, I'm finally calling Bullshit on this one, these terms are thrown in for nothing more than marketing. The automakers are so full of it. The only reason a SUV will be called a MAV is because SUV's are evil gas guzzlers now. Years back the SUV became the cool term to use, everyone jumped on the bandwagon and rode it like a two-dollar whore on a Friday night. MAV is for the midsize models, well why wasn't the Explorer and Blazer back in the 90's using that term? Because it wouldn't have sold models. SUV was the marketers darling. Now that gas has jumped to higher then a gallon of milk ($3.18 for gas, $3.09 for milk) The SUV term will die a quick death because people who are to ignorant to see the exact same model with a new description will think they are getting the new improved gas saving model. When it is just the same turd with a new name. I'm wondering when the Suburban and Excursion will carry a new description?

I'll happily keep both my "SUV's" and not rename them "MAV's". I also will not bitch when I fill them up. Gas by the gallon is still cheaper than Beer by the gallon.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Buy this car damn it

Buy this car. Just do it, it'll feel right when you do.....

I helped put this 'bird together. The motor has less than 6K on it and it is the original 400 that came with the car. The trans is a fresh rebuild also, and built to handle the 400's abuse. 4:10 in the back makes it get up and scoot in the 1/4 mile.

Everything is number matching, I can attest to that. The owner is in a mid-life crisis and wants to buy a Corvette. You know, big Vette, little.....well, you know.

Just buy it, it'll feel right. Oh, here is the link Firebird For Sale

Deer on the track

Shawn stopped down with the hauler this morning to unload/load some things after our weekend at Road America. After he was done we chatted for a bit and he asked if I had heard what happened to Da Matta at Road America. I hadn't so he went on to explain this story, Da Matta injured at RA, that was reported on In a Champ Car coming up on turn six I can only imagine that he never saw it until the last moment. Six is a uphill kind of blind left hand corner so when you crest there with something on the track I can imagine you only have a slip second to react, and the speeds a Champ Car pulls, less than that.

All I can say is "Holy Crap". First, I sure hope he pulls through. Second, it doesn't surprise me after being up there this past weekend. There where multiple times that race control would call out Whitetail on the course. There is even a warning sign at registration explaining that there is a abundance of wild life living on the grounds, be cautious. It is just eiry that we where just up there this past weekend and of all the things you try to prepare for safety wise hitting a deer isn't one of the big priority's.

Get well soon Shorty.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Iowa Racing

I was reading a article in when I got half way down the page and noticed that Rusty Wallace's speedway is all but finished. A 7/8th mile tri-oval in the middle of corn country, just east of Des Moines is a cool thing. Hopefully some road racing that we can compete in will be there. It looks like a cool track. Not really any straight aways on it, maybe just a small bit on the back streetch. If you look close you can see the infield has some pavement laid out for a road racing track. Not to long, not to short. Not a cookie cutter track like Chicago,Kansas,Vegas and not a super speedway where you have nothing but follow the leader. Looks like it has potential. One more article on it from