Monday, July 03, 2006

"Who Said? Boris Said"

Haha, nothing like watching the Nascar nation get their panties in a bunch over a "outsider" coming in and running so well.

In case you've been stuck in the closet this past weekend. Boris Said grabbed the pole, and finished 4th at the Pepsi 400 at Daytona. I thought DW was going to have the big one. He seemed a little pissy that a outsider is tromping around their turf. Sure he grabbed the pole because he had a qualifing setup, sure he dropped to the back because as usual, the top 35 in points don't have to worry about qualifying so their setups are race trim. Sure he got lucky and had a late caution to get back out front. But heck, when was the last time Nascar didn't have a late caution to do that? When was the last time any driver used things like that to their advantage? Ahhh....just about every week.

Many news outlets seemed to want to talk of Said's inexperience...What? He has been in Nascar for a good spell now, 64 starts in the truck series, also qualifying for numerous cup races over the years. Last year he had 9 starts in Cup. He's run in packs at Daytona before, he's run more difficult tracks before. Ever heard of the Nurburgring? A 15.5 mile 186 turn road course in Germany where Said won in a BMW. He's been racing cars longer than most the field. He isn't there because he is the next rising corporate voice, he's there because he loves racing.

Go Boris.


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