Monday, July 31, 2006

Road America

Holy crap I am spent.

This past weekend was a looooooong one. Up to Road America Friday for 4 races threw Saturday and Sunday for Redhead Racing. I crew cheif the weekend for Shawn as I usually do and can feel it today. I can only imagine how tired he is today. He looked it this afternoon when he pick up his car.

Results you say? Oh freaking awesome! The Honda......4th on Saturday and a Overall win on Sunday. It was pretty cool to see a car you helped work on win at a place like Road America. With the Willie's Repair logo on the front it makes it even sweeter to see it win. Dad was pretty happy hearing that we placed so well. The Miata wasn't near that good but shawn showed improvement as he always has snagging a 22nd and 19th out of 30 some cars.

Just some rambling thoughts threw the weekend.

.......RA is the freaking sweet, I love that place. Ever since my first visit during a June Sprint weekend back in 02'. I always look forward to going there.

.......Ferrari 360's are cool as hell. There was one used as a pace car Saturday. He just couldn't keep his foot of the gas though :)

.......Vintage Historic 60's era cars make me frisky. 67 Vette, cherry red, 69 Firebird, 62 Vette, all blasting by at a 130 with open pipes is THE coolest sound there. Wife should be very afraid if it where put on the radio with her nearby.

.......I enjoy the Crew Cheifing, it was fun to "be the guy" and make suggestions and calls, adjustments, talking on the radio's, listening to the race control call out stuff.

.......My brother's need to get back, ASAP. Troy coming home from Boston, then getting back into club racing and Dan finishing his 4 years in the Marine Corp's then working in the shop. I think we could make a cool race team.

.......I'm thinking the race team name should be "Willie's RPM" and the RPM be Repair,Performance,Motorsports. Kind of stole it from my tech networks RPM forum, Restoration, Performance, Motorsports....

.......It's hot as hell right now, 5pm, and there is a cold Corona in the fridge.



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