Friday, July 07, 2006

My first time

Well, not technically my first time, I've done it before. This time though was for something that can be seen by everyone who looks. Painting a car.......what where you thinking this morning?

I've sprayed frames in the past. Done primer on pieces but never really grabbed the gun and painted anything that is seen by the looky-loo's who will pass judgment on my efforts.

The Miata ,as you should all know from previous posts, is a part of the Redhead Racing stable of cars. It is in for the team colors and I decided I wanted the job of laying the colors on. Dad was all for it, time to pass the torch so to speak. We started on the inside so we didn't have to worry about over spray and screwing up the outside paint. Just taping the dash, and windshield. The interior color is "Battleship Grey" and I must say it is a great color for the inside. It went on real easy and with Dad's pointers, help and guidance I think I did a all right job on it.

Next, sand down the outside, body work, primer and then I throw on the team colors of Orange and Gun Metal Grey.

Little nervous, little excited. But hell, your suppose to feel that way the first time!


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