Monday, July 24, 2006


Anyone remember when Bondo was the Devil? You know, Bondo, what is used as body filler, puddy on a car when it is rebuilt or restored to fix damaged spots, or areas with dents?

I can remember when I was just getting my license, maybe before that, but Bondo on a car was the death wish. Nobody wanted that stuff stuck on their ride. It was like poison to the automotive community. " Oh God, that door has puddy on it, send it to the crusher! I can still hear people commenting. "Ya, it looks good, but he used a lot of puddy." Pfft, nice, where's your ride dude?

Now, it is like a given, their isn't a ride built, a custom car out there, that doesn't have some sort of body filler in it. Unless you built the car and shaped it with lead, it has puddy. Lead, that is a talent that is very hard to find nowadays. Bondo is a friend to the hobbyist and restorer. Hell, you have people wondering "How much Bondo is on it?" WHAT? Have you watched any of the shows on SPEED, TLC, Discovery? They all have show's where guys are rebuilding or restoring car's and Bondo is like the crack, it is going on every panel. Keep using it until you have no more, then go get more! But when that car is sprayed, it looks so damn sexy even a priest may get a little frisky. Keep slapping it on, sanding, more on, sanding. Then it looks sweet.

Personally, I can't remember a car I touched that didn't need puddy somewhere. The day's of the guy running a magnet down the fenders and whatever to see if it had puddy are gone. Perfectly straight lines, give me my puddy, I'll get em' straight. I hope ;)


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