Sunday, July 16, 2006

Automotive "Karma"

This is just a ramble. I have no idea what I am trying to get across or even come up with but last night it was something I thought of after a little mishap.

My brother Troy is back in town and on Saturday night I thought it would be a nice night to jump in the Camaro and the two of us go have a beer or two at the local hole. No biggie, about a 1/3rd tank of fuel(see where this is going) so off we went. Threw Mazo, then out to Rookies. One beer there and back to Mazo to R&J's Saloon. Two there(one bought by Booner because I fixed his car last week) and we thought we'd see if dad had managed to stop at Archie's Bar after his reunion. Nope, so just a quick one there and off to home. Now, this is 4 beers spread over a 3 hour time frame so don't start the DUI preaching. Anyhoo about half way home I mentioned the car seemed to get decent mileage even though the engine is one step away from stupid crazy power. Well, about that time I looked down and noticed the gauge at "E" and thought I was on it kind of hard going into town.....We did manage about 20 some miles of driving.....I haven't put gas in for a week or so......GM sending units are notoriously inaccurate...Then cough goes the motor once. SHIT, I know what's going to happen. Light on the throttle and turn on my road. Just as we hit the driveway she dies. Out of fuel.

Now, in most causes, if you've got shitty car karma that thing would have died halfway home. There is no way you are going to leave a 69' Camaro on the side of the road. You would also most likely have the luck of a cop driving by while your waiting for someone to come with fuel, and you would most likely get read the riot act for a few beers on your breathe.

I must have some good car karma, knock on wood, because it always seems if something shitty is going to happen with one of my cars, it is going to happen in the best possible way. If that is actually possible. Flat tires....Can't remember having any that inconvenienced me. Run out of fuel, ahhh ya, but never in the middle of nowhere, always just as your coasting into the station, or in the driveway, or at the shop, or a friends driveway is in sight so you coast in and get help. Even when I was a kid and did reallllly stupid stuff the karma was there. Wrapped the Dragon Wagon around a bridge and walked away with just a concussion. Explains a lot, huh?

Just last week dad and I walked up to the highway to see the excitement over a car accident. Little Tercel plowed into a Cavalier. No one hurt. Noticed the Tercel driver talking with the cops. Later, I ran into him at the Mobil. Nobody would lend him a phone to call for a ride. No questions asked by me, here, call whoever. He made his call and got a ride. Automotive Karma. Few weeks back noticed a Blazer owned by someone local on the side of the road. Stopped, out of fuel. So I took them where they needed to go. Karma baby. Be good to others on the road and the road will be good to you.

Now it's off to a wedding anniversary, Hawaiian style, I bet I'll look sexy in my 57' Chevy Hawaiian shirt ;)


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