Monday, July 31, 2006

Road America

Holy crap I am spent.

This past weekend was a looooooong one. Up to Road America Friday for 4 races threw Saturday and Sunday for Redhead Racing. I crew cheif the weekend for Shawn as I usually do and can feel it today. I can only imagine how tired he is today. He looked it this afternoon when he pick up his car.

Results you say? Oh freaking awesome! The Honda......4th on Saturday and a Overall win on Sunday. It was pretty cool to see a car you helped work on win at a place like Road America. With the Willie's Repair logo on the front it makes it even sweeter to see it win. Dad was pretty happy hearing that we placed so well. The Miata wasn't near that good but shawn showed improvement as he always has snagging a 22nd and 19th out of 30 some cars.

Just some rambling thoughts threw the weekend.

.......RA is the freaking sweet, I love that place. Ever since my first visit during a June Sprint weekend back in 02'. I always look forward to going there.

.......Ferrari 360's are cool as hell. There was one used as a pace car Saturday. He just couldn't keep his foot of the gas though :)

.......Vintage Historic 60's era cars make me frisky. 67 Vette, cherry red, 69 Firebird, 62 Vette, all blasting by at a 130 with open pipes is THE coolest sound there. Wife should be very afraid if it where put on the radio with her nearby.

.......I enjoy the Crew Cheifing, it was fun to "be the guy" and make suggestions and calls, adjustments, talking on the radio's, listening to the race control call out stuff.

.......My brother's need to get back, ASAP. Troy coming home from Boston, then getting back into club racing and Dan finishing his 4 years in the Marine Corp's then working in the shop. I think we could make a cool race team.

.......I'm thinking the race team name should be "Willie's RPM" and the RPM be Repair,Performance,Motorsports. Kind of stole it from my tech networks RPM forum, Restoration, Performance, Motorsports....

.......It's hot as hell right now, 5pm, and there is a cold Corona in the fridge.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Another first time

It's been a week of firsts for me. Painting my first car and now having to put the decals on. I was nominated to throw them on, and throw them on I did. I've never put decals that large on before and it took a lot of patience and practice to get it right. I messed a few up, not so bad a person will notice unless they get up close and look over the car top to bottom. But at 100 mph at the track no one will be the wiser.

Speaking of 100 mph at the track. After a mad thrash all week to get ready for Road America I am all but spent, and the race weekend hasn't started. Think it was around 10 p.m. when I finally dragged my butt home after getting the Miata squared away. My wife was oh so pleased with me. But she'll get over it, she always does.

Hopefully Monday I'll still be alive to report on the weekend. With temps looking like they will hand in the high 90's and humid as hell I am sure it will be a long weekend.

Til then, later.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dash work on the Edsel

With the Miata for Redhead Racing painted, the Edsel can and is slide back into position for work to be done. Even though the heat and humidty damn near killed him, Dad managed to climb in and start tearing the dash out for refurbishing. He pissed and moaned but he didn't have to like it. He just had to do it.

If you notice the floor shifter in the picture it is a addition Uncle Everett built himself. The touch-shift on the steering column took a dump on him at one point. So instead of deal with that he decided to do a little custom work. It is a neat little setup he designed and built. Dad hopes to leave it in there, since it was something Everett put into the car.

Monday, July 24, 2006


Anyone remember when Bondo was the Devil? You know, Bondo, what is used as body filler, puddy on a car when it is rebuilt or restored to fix damaged spots, or areas with dents?

I can remember when I was just getting my license, maybe before that, but Bondo on a car was the death wish. Nobody wanted that stuff stuck on their ride. It was like poison to the automotive community. " Oh God, that door has puddy on it, send it to the crusher! I can still hear people commenting. "Ya, it looks good, but he used a lot of puddy." Pfft, nice, where's your ride dude?

Now, it is like a given, their isn't a ride built, a custom car out there, that doesn't have some sort of body filler in it. Unless you built the car and shaped it with lead, it has puddy. Lead, that is a talent that is very hard to find nowadays. Bondo is a friend to the hobbyist and restorer. Hell, you have people wondering "How much Bondo is on it?" WHAT? Have you watched any of the shows on SPEED, TLC, Discovery? They all have show's where guys are rebuilding or restoring car's and Bondo is like the crack, it is going on every panel. Keep using it until you have no more, then go get more! But when that car is sprayed, it looks so damn sexy even a priest may get a little frisky. Keep slapping it on, sanding, more on, sanding. Then it looks sweet.

Personally, I can't remember a car I touched that didn't need puddy somewhere. The day's of the guy running a magnet down the fenders and whatever to see if it had puddy are gone. Perfectly straight lines, give me my puddy, I'll get em' straight. I hope ;)

Friday, July 21, 2006

It's popped

I popped my virginity, the Miata is painted. Thursday afternoon I sprayed the gray stripe and lower section, then on Friday the Bronze/Red top was done.

Pretty happy with how it turned out. Will be nice to see it with graphics and numbers on it.

The old Ferrari tale

I know this is a old story that started way back in February. I just never took the time to read all about it and surf the web finding out details. The story popped back up lately because some of the court stuff should be starting soon, and Stefan just keeps digging his hole deeper. For anyone who hasn't seen or heard about it basically it comes down this. When stupid people are given fast cars, that's the result. This idgit gives all automotive enthusiasts a bad name. 200 mph on a public road.

Someone needs to be slapped around some.

Tale of the Ferrari

More on it

We don't want your stinkn' cars

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Automotive "Karma"

This is just a ramble. I have no idea what I am trying to get across or even come up with but last night it was something I thought of after a little mishap.

My brother Troy is back in town and on Saturday night I thought it would be a nice night to jump in the Camaro and the two of us go have a beer or two at the local hole. No biggie, about a 1/3rd tank of fuel(see where this is going) so off we went. Threw Mazo, then out to Rookies. One beer there and back to Mazo to R&J's Saloon. Two there(one bought by Booner because I fixed his car last week) and we thought we'd see if dad had managed to stop at Archie's Bar after his reunion. Nope, so just a quick one there and off to home. Now, this is 4 beers spread over a 3 hour time frame so don't start the DUI preaching. Anyhoo about half way home I mentioned the car seemed to get decent mileage even though the engine is one step away from stupid crazy power. Well, about that time I looked down and noticed the gauge at "E" and thought I was on it kind of hard going into town.....We did manage about 20 some miles of driving.....I haven't put gas in for a week or so......GM sending units are notoriously inaccurate...Then cough goes the motor once. SHIT, I know what's going to happen. Light on the throttle and turn on my road. Just as we hit the driveway she dies. Out of fuel.

Now, in most causes, if you've got shitty car karma that thing would have died halfway home. There is no way you are going to leave a 69' Camaro on the side of the road. You would also most likely have the luck of a cop driving by while your waiting for someone to come with fuel, and you would most likely get read the riot act for a few beers on your breathe.

I must have some good car karma, knock on wood, because it always seems if something shitty is going to happen with one of my cars, it is going to happen in the best possible way. If that is actually possible. Flat tires....Can't remember having any that inconvenienced me. Run out of fuel, ahhh ya, but never in the middle of nowhere, always just as your coasting into the station, or in the driveway, or at the shop, or a friends driveway is in sight so you coast in and get help. Even when I was a kid and did reallllly stupid stuff the karma was there. Wrapped the Dragon Wagon around a bridge and walked away with just a concussion. Explains a lot, huh?

Just last week dad and I walked up to the highway to see the excitement over a car accident. Little Tercel plowed into a Cavalier. No one hurt. Noticed the Tercel driver talking with the cops. Later, I ran into him at the Mobil. Nobody would lend him a phone to call for a ride. No questions asked by me, here, call whoever. He made his call and got a ride. Automotive Karma. Few weeks back noticed a Blazer owned by someone local on the side of the road. Stopped, out of fuel. So I took them where they needed to go. Karma baby. Be good to others on the road and the road will be good to you.

Now it's off to a wedding anniversary, Hawaiian style, I bet I'll look sexy in my 57' Chevy Hawaiian shirt ;)

Monday, July 10, 2006

The "other" sponsored race cars

Not really race cars, more lack sacrificial lambs going to the slaughter.

Demo Derby Cars

Friday night the cars finished 2nd,3rd,4th,5th out of 40 some cars and Saturday night 2nd,3rd, 5th, 6th out of 40 some cars respectively. Ed made a night of trying to roll a competitor over and came very close once, putting one onto the door handles but not over. His son was on track to take the Saturday event when a fuse running the PCM burnt and killed the motor. Hate it when that happens ;)

His boys will continue on the heritage of smashing the living crap out of cars that where destined for the grave yard anyway. If you've never taking the opportunity to go to a demo derby I highly recommend it. Something calming about watching grown men deliberately smash cars into each other.

Friday, July 07, 2006

My first time

Well, not technically my first time, I've done it before. This time though was for something that can be seen by everyone who looks. Painting a car.......what where you thinking this morning?

I've sprayed frames in the past. Done primer on pieces but never really grabbed the gun and painted anything that is seen by the looky-loo's who will pass judgment on my efforts.

The Miata ,as you should all know from previous posts, is a part of the Redhead Racing stable of cars. It is in for the team colors and I decided I wanted the job of laying the colors on. Dad was all for it, time to pass the torch so to speak. We started on the inside so we didn't have to worry about over spray and screwing up the outside paint. Just taping the dash, and windshield. The interior color is "Battleship Grey" and I must say it is a great color for the inside. It went on real easy and with Dad's pointers, help and guidance I think I did a all right job on it.

Next, sand down the outside, body work, primer and then I throw on the team colors of Orange and Gun Metal Grey.

Little nervous, little excited. But hell, your suppose to feel that way the first time!

Monday, July 03, 2006

"Who Said? Boris Said"

Haha, nothing like watching the Nascar nation get their panties in a bunch over a "outsider" coming in and running so well.

In case you've been stuck in the closet this past weekend. Boris Said grabbed the pole, and finished 4th at the Pepsi 400 at Daytona. I thought DW was going to have the big one. He seemed a little pissy that a outsider is tromping around their turf. Sure he grabbed the pole because he had a qualifing setup, sure he dropped to the back because as usual, the top 35 in points don't have to worry about qualifying so their setups are race trim. Sure he got lucky and had a late caution to get back out front. But heck, when was the last time Nascar didn't have a late caution to do that? When was the last time any driver used things like that to their advantage? Ahhh....just about every week.

Many news outlets seemed to want to talk of Said's inexperience...What? He has been in Nascar for a good spell now, 64 starts in the truck series, also qualifying for numerous cup races over the years. Last year he had 9 starts in Cup. He's run in packs at Daytona before, he's run more difficult tracks before. Ever heard of the Nurburgring? A 15.5 mile 186 turn road course in Germany where Said won in a BMW. He's been racing cars longer than most the field. He isn't there because he is the next rising corporate voice, he's there because he loves racing.

Go Boris.