Friday, June 16, 2006

41 fords are cool

41' Fords are cool. Yup, I said it, Ford is cool. Those words out of my mouth are rare indeed. Those that know me know I bleed bowtie. BUT, I appreciate fine automobiles, no matter their make or country of origin. There are many breeds I would love to have, and many I hope end up in the crusher. Though, this fine car I should think will never be there. Above is a customers 1941 Ford Super Deluxe. In for just some light work. It is in fantastic shape and just a joy to play with. Nice flathead V-8, smooth ride, and runs fantastic.

Great way to finish off a long hot week. Edsel work, not really anything to report, more frame scraping and cleaning, sandblasting and what-not. Fishing is fast approaching so dad will be focused on the boat soon enough.

It's beer-o-clock on a Friday, so time to say by!


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